جادو - انواع طلسم ها
 انواع طلسم ها
  ◄ انواع طلسم ها   Accio summoning spell   Alohomora door-unlocking spell   Aparecium makes invisible ink visible   Avada Kedavra killing curse-one of the Unforgivable Curses   Bubble-Head Charm An underwater breathing charm Colloportus Seals doors and other objects. Alohomora doesn't work on it   Cruciatus curse inflicts torture- one of the Unforgivable Curses Deletrius disintegrating spell Densaugeo causes teeth to grow rapidly Diffindo makes something split Disapparate not really a spell, but allows caster to disappear at will Dissendium opens entrance to secret passage to Hogsmeade Enervate reviving spell Engorgio swelling charm Evanesco Cleans out cages, cauldrons, etc. Expecto Patronum guards spell-caster from Dementors Expelliarmus disarming spell Ferula makes a sling for a broken arm Fidelius Charm a charm that keeps a secret within a person Finite Ends certain spells Four-Point Spell makes wand a compass Furnunculus causes boils Impediment Jinx slows down and obstructs opponent Imperius Curse can control another person completely- one of the Unforgivable Curses Impervius makes objects repel water Incarcerous makes ropes come out of your wand and bind someone Incendio fire-lighting curse Jelly-Legs Jinx makes opponent's legs wobbly Legilimens gives user the ability to go into someone's mind Lumos emits a ray of light from your wand Mobilarbus spell to move objects Mobilicorpus spell to move someone who can't walk Morsmordre makes the Dark Mark Nox spell to extinguish light on your wand Obliviate memory spell that makes the subject forget Petrificus Totalus binds arms and legs together Portus the spell to create a portkey Prior Incantato reveals a wand's most recent spells Protean Charm makes what happens to one object happen to other objects - NEWT-level magic Protego the shield spell Quietus reverses the charm Sonorus Reducio Shrinking Charm Reductor Curse blasts apart a solid object Relashio makes sparks emit from the wand. Used to Repel Grindylows. Reparo repairing charm Rictusempra tickling spell Riddickulus spell to make boggart change its appearance Scourgify cleans the object or victim Sonorus charm to magnify one's voice Stupefy stunning spell Tarantallegra dancing spell Waddiwasi causes an object to shoot at someone Wingardium Leviosa spell to make things fly
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